SY Dual ADMISSION FORMFor A.Y. 2021-2022

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Undertaking :I, have taken admission in in College of AISSMS Institute of Management, Pune I hereby undertake to obey following code of conduct-
  1. The student must meet the requirement of 75% attendance per course per semester for granting the term as per the rules of Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  2. Students should wear uniform on every Monday, Thursday and on all official occasions including guest lectures, industrial visit, various functions, placement related programs, exam period etc. Students should wear decent and presentable attire on the campus.
  3. Student must put-on Institute I-Card in the Institute’s Campus and during official visit to outside organizations. It is mandatory to produce I-Card whenever demanded by any staff or security guards of the Institute.
  4. Mobile phones should be switched off during lecture hour and on ‘Silent mode’ in the Institute premises.
  5. Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is prohibited.
  6. Student should park their vehicles in the student parking space only.
  7. Students should read the notice board everyday.
  8. If student wishes to remain absent due to any important reason like medical emergencies then he/she should submit application in writing to the respective Class Co-ordinator /Academic Head.
  9. Students should return all library books and clear all the dues at the end of each semester.
  10. Students must appear for all the examinations like tests, assignments, presentations, role plays, term end examination etc. conducted by the Institute as a part of concurrent evaluation.
  11. Writing on class room walls, desk, benches, door, toilet wall or pasting of posters on the wall are strictly prohibited.
  12. Ragging or harassment in any form is strictly prohibited in the campus. The Institute has ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ regarding ragging or harassment.
  13. Creating disturbance in the academic, administrative, cultural, sports, social or other activities of the Institute, whether on campus or elsewhere in community will be liable for disciplinary action.
  14. Distributing, displaying or publishing unauthorized print or non-print matter in the form of poster, notice, signature campaign, electronic or Internet posting or any other publication either on Institute’s premises or computer networks will be liable for disciplinary action.
  15. Indecent behavior or misconduct with any staff or students that is harmful to the dignity of any individual will be liable for disciplinary action.
  16. Any type of misconduct during industrial visits and educational tours arranged by the Institute will invite serious disciplinary action.
  17. Any act of theft of either Institute’s property or staff and students’ belongings will invite serious disciplinary action.
  18. Students shall not cause damage of property or financial loss to the Institute. In the event the Institute suffers any damage or loss, financial or otherwise, the concerned student will be liable for compensation of such loss.
  19. Smoking and use of alcohol/drugs/tobacco/gutka are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  20. Possessing, distributing or using forbidden materials like alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs, obscene videos, pictures and photographs in print or electronic form will be liable for disciplinary action.
  21. Student should submit all the required documents related to admissions, scholarships, freeships etc. as per the requirement of the concerned authority to the office on time. The student will be solely responsible for any implications because of any non-submission of documents on time.
  22. The rules and regulations regarding cancellation of admission, refund of fees, and return of documents would be as per guidelines of DTE, Government of Maharashtra.
  23. The student must follow all the rules and regulations of DTE, Government of Maharashtra, AICTE, New Delhi, SavitribaiPhule Pune University or any other competent authority.
  24. The student must follow all the rules and regulations of the Institute and the AISSM Society. The Society and the Institute reserve the right to make changes in rules and regulations as and when required.
  25. The students should observe following code of conduct.
    • Regularity: Attend the college regularly. Attend the lectures, practical sessions and class tests regularly.
    • Punctuality: Be on time for college, theory and practical sessions.
    • Study: Complete class work, assignments and journals regularly.
    • Examination: Do not use unfair means for examination.
    • Intimation: In case of absentees inform your class teacher.
    • Behaviour: Be honest, behave politely and treat others with respect.
    • Interference: Behave in a manner that will not interfere with the right of others.
    • Respect: Be respectful to others while under jurisdiction of college and while participating in college sponsored activities.
    • Faith: Show fairness, courtesy and good faith towards others.
    • Credit: Give credit where it is due.
    • Accept as well as give honest and fair comments.
    • Care: Utilize amenities provided by college with care.
    • Report: Report to appropriate college authorities in any hazardous illegal situations in the college.
  26. I have read carefully all the above rules and regulations and understood it. I hereby give my voluntary consent that above rules and regulations are acceptable to me and I will abide by the same.
Declaration : I have read the rules & regulations mentioned above and undertake that my ward would adhere to comply with them. If my ward is found guilty / involved in ragging / not adhering to the norms & regulations, I understand that he / she would be liable for appropriate punishment.